About us

SUNFOREST, a Korean developer specialized in NIR spectroscopy technology, is known as one of the leading company in the field of non-destructive and Chemometric-based measurement instrument for agriculture industry. Previously, SUNFOREST was the supplier of NIR spectroscopy sensors for non-destructive sorting systems to domestic market. Now, SUNFOREST is emerged as a market leader of portable NIR spectrometers that non-destructively measuring fruit’s internal quality. Applications of NIR spectroscopy are widely expanding in agricultural areas, and SUNFOREST makes pioneering developments in this nondestructive quality meter business.

SUNFOREST provides superior product service based on optical sensing and ICT convergence technology and explores spectroscopic instruments in agriculture industry.

The company is now trying to secure the first mover advantage and wish to be the foremost specialist in the field of nondestructive quality analyzer. SUNFOREST will do own best effort to satisfy client’s requirement and always welcome to meet new business opportunities with great passion.

SUNFOREST’s core technology

  • ICT Convergence Technology
  • Spectroscopy Analysis & Optical Sensing
  • Optical Packaging & Integration
  • Chemometric Based Analysis Algorithm